5 Reasons to be grateful for Showing Mums

5 Reasons to be grateful for Showing Mums

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we thought we would do a post about why you should be celebrating your horse show Mum! Whether she is biological or adopted, there are many wonderful ladies who cover on the ground duties from unpaid groom to head cheerleader.


Reason 1: She has all the time in the world for you

So equestrian events are normally on a weekend, most likely a Sunday. This lady gives up her entire day to sometimes stand in the freezing cold, in torrential rain to watch you and your horse. Sometimes you are at a show for hours on end and your moment of glory is a 2 minute individual show or jump 12 showjumps! This is after driving however many miles to get there as this lady is also your personal horse taxi too!

5 reasons why we love our showing mum

Reason 2: Cleaning fairy

This lady is the master of life hacks for keeping clean- not only for you but also for your horse! Between you and your show mum you have devised methods of getting onto your noble steed without letting your sparkling clean boots touch the floor. She will also most likely walk in front of you on the way to the warm up so that any puddles can be avoided.

Not only this, if you do happen to get dirty no doubt your horse show Mum will delve into the show basket and find the trusty baby wipes.


Reason 3: Experts in silent communication

Between you and your horse show mum you have also created your own sign language. These gestures include: circle and find a space, kick on and stop looking down!

5 reasons why we love our showing mum

Reason 4: They are pretty much your PA for the day

Whether it’s checking which class is currently in the ring, fetching you a drink, taking all important photographs for facebook or chasing after you on the way into the championship as you won 3 1sts and are only wearing 2- this lady has your back. Horse Show Mums are experts in organisation, entry forms, navigation, stock checks for show products and knowing just the right time to get you a bacon sandwich so you don’t get ketchup on your show shirt.


Reason 5: This lady is your number 1 fan

Your Horse Show Mum is always at the ringside watching when it’s time for your class.  She can usually be spotted with a show basket and fleece rug draped over her arm. Whilst watching your riding, horse show mums can usually be seen with involuntary twitches- these are not random and represent aids that she believes you need to replicate. This most commonly affects the heels and hands, it can also affect speech causing clicking noises in rhythm with your horses strides. This lady dedicates her entire weekend to watch you trot in circles and still has the enthusiasm to get her cheerleading pom poms out when you win- all for the sakes of a rosette!

5 reasons why we love our showing mum

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