Using Personalised HoofPrints Products

I thought I would write a post explaining how Dan and I actually use our personalised HoofPrints products everyday!

A personalised gift is always more special than a store bought one and I’d like to show you how our products can be useful everyday.  Usually the problem with buying personalised items is that they can be associated with a hefty price tag. Our personalised products at HoofPrints start at just £10 and P&P is always priced at cost. As a bonus orders over £30 also receive free shipping!


Personalised Mugs

So there’s two ways which this mug is really useful. In the evenings I can sit on the sofa with a cuppa looking at how beautiful my horse is whether she has done well at a show or I’ve had a great day with her.

In the mornings I get my caffeine fix whilst chanting in my head “I love my horse”. This helps to remind me exactly why I’ve crawled out of my warm bed at an ungodly hour to muck out!

This is Dan’s favourite mug it features Candy- the real love of his life. However, I must admit I tend to opt for a different one on days when Candy happens to have wrecked another rug. Or the electric fence. Or has knocked over a 3/4 full wheelbarrow whilst mucking out.


HoofPrints Personalised Mug        HoofPrints Personalised Mug        HoofPrints Personalised Mug

Personalised Tote Bags

With carrier bags costing 5p, why not take your noble steed shopping with you? My shopping bag features Candy . I just fold it up and pop it in my handbag meaning that I’m never caught without one. As much as she would love to come with me to Morrisons?

So I think our tote bag is the perfect solution to keep your best friend with you for as much of the day as possible. It’s also great for boosting my mood whilst I have to endure the weekly shop. How could I not smile with that face hung on my trolley?!

On the flip side I also have my logo because who doesn’t love extra brand exposure. We can print images relating to your business and your logo! Completely ideal if like me your shameless plugging doesn’t end when you hit the supermarket.

Hoofprints Personalised Tote Bag    Hoofprints Personalised Tote Bag

Personalised Money Boxes

I drive my Shetland pony and would completely adore one of the Bennington Carriages.  Unfortunately, so far this has been hindered by vets bills, car bills and other outrageous adult responsibilities.

This year I aim to put any change in there and hopefully save up for one without really realising!It’s amazing how the pennies and pounds can add up!

This money box has been designed as a montage but I can also remove the background from your images (all included in the price).

Hoofprints Personalised Money Box   Hoofprints Personalised Money Box    Hoofprints Personalised Money Box


Personalised Drawstring Bags

Much to my Mum’s despair (who is an ex-hairdresser), both of our ponies both benefit from far better hair care than I do! I purchased a set of Haas brushes last year from Eqclusive and have never looked back! Haven’t been converted to the world of the Eqclusive colour sets yet?  Yes, they really are as good as the reviews say even on my hairy beasts! We are very proud of the wash-ability of our drawstring bags  you can throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty. They will not fade away or crack like many other products. These fabulous brushes are an investment and if you look after them they will serve you for years!

Hoofprints Personalised Drawstring Bag    Hoofprints Personalised Drawstring Bag



View our featured video here:

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